Restaurants Ready for “Cruise Nite”

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Posted: Jul 20, 2012
By DaVonte McKenith / Facebook / Twitter @davontemckenith

“Cruise Nite” may be one of the busiest nights in the summer for restaurants; and they are all prepared and ready for whatever the night may bring.

“From 11-am to 5-pm, we are ‘gonna’ have a full house in here,” said Collin Nabity, owner.

Business owners are welcoming Cruise Nite to Kearney as many flock to scope out classic cars and populate the storefronts. Owners are expecting to have a full house.

“We always get a crowd…we’re full…once you max out, you can’t get any busier,” said Nabity.

Some managers are estimating that business will nearly double this weekend from what they typically see.

“As far as our sales this weekend, they compare to a Christmas weekend,” said Stacey Plautz, director of operations at The Cellar.

Even though restaurants may not be at capacity now, restaurant managers are telling us they are ready for whatever cruise night may bring.

“We have extra staff coming on for the weekend. We try to keep our severs to veterans…We just make sure everyone knows what’s going on,” said Plautz.

And every owner, including their staff, hopes to leave a lasting impression for those who decide to cruise.

“The four-to-five-hundred people that may not know about The Cellar…will know about us before they leave town. They may not be from here and they may not join us every day for lunch…but they will be back,” said Plautz.