Thanks from Cruise Nite

Aug 26, 2016 | Cruise Nite 2016 | 0 comments

On behalf of the Cruise Nite Steering Committee and Central Nebraska Auto Club, we would like to thank the community and the region for another very successful Cruise Nite weekend.

The weather was quite mild, we had a great turnout of cool cars, trucks and motorcycles, and we had huge crowds at all of our events. Be Safe Be Smart continues to work at eliminating the large out-of-control parties of the past, and most people behaved.

We are very thankful for the turnout and support of our many events. Our broad menu of events continues to provide fun and entertainment for many people.

We are a non-profit organization and the proceeds from all of our events are spent on others. First of all, we give scholarships to students studying auto repair and auto body repair. Second, we support charitable organizations such as United Way, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Jubilee Center, Make-A-Wish, etc.

Thanks again for your support of Cruise Nite weekend. We soon will start planning for Cruise Nite 2017 — July 12-16.

Cruise Nite Committee

Brad Kernick 308-440-2941
Mick Jahn 308-238-4500
Jerry Erickson 308-440-8731
Steve Harmoney 308-826-3068
Gaylord Peterson 308-440-7826
Riley Bay 308-870-2079
Josh Sikes 308-293-6264
Larry Hilty 970-466-2247



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